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Terms & Condition

Sheersha Khobor welcomes the readers and the visitors to use this website to maintain all the terms and conditions. So, the readers/visitors will easily understand, what are the rules they should obey? If anyone has any problem including content, terms, and condition, privacy policy, the person can contact Sheersha Khobor via phone or email. However, this website has the ability to accept or reject any objection which is related to this website.


Sheersha Khobor provides all the necessary content of news which readers/visitors are interested in. But, it does not mean that this website will provide all the content of news accurate as well as the content of news will be error-free though Sheersha Khobor aim is to provide the users/visitors with the premium service.

Moreover, Sheersha Khobor cannot promise all the content on this website including news or report, data, variety content (images, videos, advertisement), and different types of information will be appropriate. The content provided by Sheersha Khobor is for all information purposes only and also does not constitute advice. So, this website is provided the entire thing without any guaranty and warranty.

Your use of our services

Sheersha Khobor permits users a license to access our services. So, the users can use this website for personal privacy. But she or he cannot use this website for commercial purposes. However, the users cannot use offensive language, videos, pictures, contents, or comments to target the contents of a news report of Sheersha Khobor.

Moreover, the users and the visitors are granted to use this website only for lawful purposes. Besides, Sheersha Khobor encourages the readers/visitors to share their content on their social media such as profile, groups, and other related topics. But, the reader/visitors cannot allow sharing with anyone for alteration or modification.

Ethics for Comments

The users/readers’ comments should be relevant to the subject or content of the news report. Besides, this website will not be responsible for any comments or opinions which are expressed by the users/readers’. Most importantly, Sheersha Khobor has the right to edit your content of the news. Moreover, this website can publish, remove, or unpublished your content at any time.

Prohibited activities

The users/visitors are highlighted not to associate Sheersha Khobor with any racism, sexism, political, or damaging this website’s reputation. Besides, the users cannot upload any image or post anything which is provocative or obscure. The users cannot hurt personal things by way of comment, image, audio, or videos, so all of the things are prohibited.

Communication by Sheersha Khobor

Sheersha Khobor arranges all the things so that the users feel free to contact any time via phone, SMS, or e-mail.

Complaint Policy

Sheersha Khobor will accept all of the users’ complaints at a time and will solve all the complaints efficiently as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

Sheersha Khobor is already given all the privacy and policy as this privacy policy is an integral part of the term and conditions. So, the readers/ visitors will get all the instructions easily.

Entire agreement

All terms and conditions are consistent between the readers/visitors and www.sheershakhobor.uk that all agreement or privacy policy should be maintained while using this website.

So, if you have any inquiries or add to something or have any questions about terms and conditions, then please feel free to contact Sheersha Khobor via e-mail.

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